Since sale season is coming up, I am sharing with you what you need to know about Beberoad R2, one of my recent stroller discoveries that I wanted so badly to put inside my cart. Here is my Beberoad R2 stroller  review: its impressive features and possible deal breakers.


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How big and heavy is it?

Basically, with its open stroller dimension of 24.8″L x 16.1″W x 40.5″H, the Beberoad R2 stroller is narrow at the base and has a high handle. It’s stroller width is a little narrow as well. Its static handle is 40.5 inches from the ground which is a bit high for a short lady like me. But for taller people like my husband who is 5’10” this height works well. So I’m willing to compromise.


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My goal for next year is to travel a lot now that my daughter is a little grown up. I like that Beberoad R2 turns into a compact square when folded. It measures 17.9″L x 10.6″W x 22″H, not as thin as I want it to be like the Baby Jogger City Tour 2. But it is still small enough to fit into most airplane overhead bins and even under the seat. However, please double check this with your airline as they have different aircraft sizes and policies for carry-on luggages.

Parents who have weak backs like me would find Beberoad R2 very manageable to carry around. It weighs only 13.6 lbs. Not as light as the GB Pockit Plus but is still fairly light.

I wish it had a carry strap but it has a cushioned bumper bar that you can sling over your shoulder instead.


The package includes a travel bag which is good to use especially during travels. Based on my experience, airplane cabin crews are more lenient with strollers when they are neatly packed inside a travel bag.
Beberoad R2 fits inside most airplane overhead bins


How long can your baby use it?

Beberoad R2 boasts of being a True Newborn Lightweight Stroller. That means, you no longer need a bassinet in order to use it.  Your newborn can use the stroller without the bassinet starting day 1, as long as it is fully reclined of course!  Beberoad R2 can be used from birth until toddlerhood,  45 lbs to be exact.


Ultra Compact Lightweight Baby Stroller 2019 for Newborn R2 - BebeRoad Baby


What car seats are compatible with the Beberoad R2 Stroller?

Beberoad R2 is also compatible with the following infant car seat brands and models:

Other car seats that has the same plug as Maxi-Cosi and Cybex may also be compatible with R2.

Bonus Features of Beberoad R2

Older kids below 45 lbs. can hitch a ride on Beberoad R2’s Glider Board (sold separately). Carefully designed to make the ride comfortable even for your older tot, this patented Glider Board has an all-wheel suspension, rotating cushioned seat and height adjustment feature.

Beberoad R2’s glider board is compatible with a lot of other strollers such as Nuna Triv, Ergobaby 180, Silver Cross Jet, Joovy Qool,Maclaren Triumph and more.
Beberoad R2’s Glider Board


Beberoad R2 also has a pocket at the back for storing little items and comes with a free rain cover and detachable cup holder.
Beberoad R2’s back pocket
Free rain cover
Free Cup holder



Is Beberoad R2 comfortable for the baby?

The Beberoad R2 is Beberoad R2’s Glider Board can sit your baby as upright as 110 degrees and reclines to a near-flat angle of  152 degrees, making the position safe for your newborn’s fragile neck and spine.

With its near-flat recline, you can even use this to change your baby’s diaper especially when you are in a public place where changing areas are difficult to find.
Beberoad R2’s flat recline


Beberoad R2 also has an adjustable leg rest with a nice footwall feature that is like a mesh cover that prevents your baby’s feet from dangling on the sides.
Footwall Feature of the Beberoad R2


If there is one thing that about the Beberoad R2 that wish they could improve on is its very short seat- 5.25 inches to 9.2 inches with the leg rest propped up. I’m afraid that the seat is too short and may not be able to sit older tots. Despite Beberoad R2 having a heavy weight capacity of 45 lbs. the short seat may be a major deal breaker for parents of toddlers.

Check out other customer’s reviews  here.

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How big is the canopy?

One of Beberoad R2’s amazing features is its CRAZY HUGE, UNZIPPABLE CANOPY.  It also has a nice peek-a-boo window at the top of the canopy with a nice magnetic closure.


Not only is it huge, it is also made of Anti UV50+ material for extra sun protection and it is also WATERPROOF.
Waterproof, Anti-UV50+ Canopy with Peek-a-boo window – BEBEROAD R2


The back cover of the Beberoad R2 has a small pocket for storing small items. You can also lift and clip the back cover  to expose the big mesh window, letting more air to circulate especially during the summer.

Is it easy to maneuver?

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As I mentioned earlier, Beberoad R2 has a narrow base that allows navigating in small spaces a breeze.

Wheels are made of rubber (EVA) and high-quality plastic (Polyutherane) which gives it a nice traction. It also is easy to maneuver, quiet and durable. The wheels measure 5 inches at the front and 6 inches at the back which is the usual size for travel strollers.

It also has a 4-wheel suspension that makes it more resilient to minor bumps so your baby won’t feel the vibrations.  The front wheels are also equipped with swivel features that you can lock for a steadier ride on bumpy surfaces or unlock to make the stroller more nimble on smoother surfaces.

This is not an all-terrain stroller so using this often on bumpy roads may not be recommended.

Taller people might appreciate Beberoad R2’s high handlebar more. It is a little high at 40.5 inches from the ground. Unfortunately for shorter people like me, it is not adjustable.

Is it safe to use?


The overall frame of Beberoad R2 is made of strong but lightweight aluminum. It can carry a child safely until 45 lbs.

I like that it has 5-point harness that has  shoulder and pelvic pads to secure the child without putting much strain on those areas. There is also the standard center lock-and-release button to keep your child safe during the ride.


However, some users complained about the pelvic pad constantly falling off, I suggest that you secure it by gluing or stitching it so you won’t lose it.

The red brake between the rear wheels is a no-brainer and intuitive to use.
Flip-flop friendly brake

How does it Fold?

Watch how it’s done.



Considering its features, Beberoad R2 is quite affordable at around $200-220 USD online. That includes the stroller, a travel bag, a rain cover and a cup holder.

I like that they went for classy, gender-neutral color options: Blue Jeans, Light Grey and Dark Grey.


All Beberoad products have a 1-year warranty. Just get in touch directly with I have been in touch with them regarding my inquiries and they have been very accommodating and fast with their responses.


My 2 Cents

The short seat is a major deal breaker, so I will not really recommend the Beberoad R2 for toddlers. It seems to be designed for younger babies despite its heavy weight capacity, so for expecting moms or moms of young babies, I think it is something that you can still consider.

Beberoad R2 has essential and exciting features at a very attractive price point.

Ready to check out Beberoad R2 on Amazon? Click here.

Hope this helps you in your search for your next stroller. Feel free to share your thoughts below.




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