Is the Uppababy Minu Underrated?

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One of the most impressive but, in my opinion, one of the underrated strollers in the market is the UppaBaby Minu stroller. It maybe popular in the US or Europe but you can rarely see it in other countries, especially in Asia. I admit that this is my top choice among all the lightweight strollers not just because it looks so put together but because it has a well-thought of design. In this review, you will see how the little mindful details make the UppaBaby Minu a great travel and everyday stroller.

First let’s talk about the look.

Anatomy of an UppaBaby Minu Stroller

The Sleek-looking Frame

It’s easy to spot an UppaBaby Minu because of it’s grey, metallic matte frame. Made out of aluminum and magnesium, this frame promises to be strong and stylish at the same time. The stroller though weighs 14.8 lbs and is a tiny bit heavier than other lightweight strollers like the the GB Pockit Plus, Mountain Buggy Nano and the Babyzen Yoyo Plus.

The Wheels 

Not to be mistaken as a jogging stroller, the Minu can endure occasional trips to the park and other places where there are bumpy surfaces. It is equipped with 5-inch front wheels and 9-inch rear wheels which is supported by an all-wheel suspension. It is not the best in terms of maneuverability, for me that award still goes to the Babyzen Yoyo Plus, but it is nonetheless still superb in performance.

The Full-grain Leather Handle

100% Full Grain Leather

You will look and feel like a million bucks while pushing the UppaBaby Minu. Adding a touch of luxury to the stroller is the full-grain leather covered handlebar. You may choose between the brown or black versions. It is hand sewn and perforated for easy grip. Isn’t that so much better than pushing a foam? As for the height of the handlebar, it is fixed at 41 inches so this would also be suitable for taller people.

The Huge Canopy

The Minu has a generous canopy that has a tuck-away sunvisor that extends a little farther to the front. Aside from the huge size, the canopy doesn’t only provide shade but is also made out of UPF 50+ (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) material to protect your little one from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Although it just covers the head (LOL) protective clothing will do the trick for the rest of the body. For drizzles, you may want to purchase the UppaBaby Rain Shield.

One great feature of this stroller is the large mesh peek-a-boo window at the top that has a magnetic closure. Some strollers use velcros to close the windows, and I hate it when my baby is woken up by the cracking velcro sound. So I do appreciate this neat little detail.

The Seat of Comfort

www.strollersforever.comThe seat is about 11-13 inches wide and can recline as low as 145 degrees. Note that this stroller is suitable for babies as young as 3 months old. Yes. That makes me love it even more.

Expect a comfortable ride with the Minu’s well-cushioned stroller seat and reclinable back seat. Unlike its bigger sibbling, the Vista, the Minu doesn’t have a bumper bar so make sure to fasten the 5-point harness really well.

There is also no adjustable leg rest but the seat has a downward extension to the front which somehow helps support the legs.

The BIG Storage!

The Minu’s underneath storage can carry a load of up to 20lbs. No need to go back to the car just to free your arms from shopping bags. The underneath storage can hold a lot and has an accessible wide front and rear opening.

It also has a back storage pocket that can store your wallet, keys, mobile phones and other small valuable items.

If you want an UppaBaby snack tray and an additional cup holder, you can buy them separately from Amazon.

The Brake Pedals

There are 2 brake pedals that are very intuitive to use. Step on the red pedal to lock and step on the green one to release. In short, red is for stop, green is for go.

The One-Step Fold

Most strollers are easy to unfold but require some effort when it comes to their folds. In my book, the UppaBaby Minu has the easiest fold of all. Just grab the handlebar, slide the slider, press the grey button and push the stroller down. You won’t break a sweat for doing that.

The one-step fold can be done even with the bassinet attached. Just don’t forget to take the baby out first. LOL

See how it’s done.

The Minu is not the tiniest in the bunch but it is portable. There’s an attached padded shoulder strap for carrying around. It also comes with its own storage bag.

Travel System Ready

With a Bassinet 

You may pair the UppaBaby Minu with a From Birth Kit which is UppaBaby’s version of a bassinet. It has a jersey-knit matress and a 5-point harness to secure baby while inside. Your baby can use this from day 1 until 20 lbs or about 10 months. But if you have a curious baby like mine, he or she might get bored of the flat-lie position sooner and you just might have to say goodbye to the bassinet earlier.

With a Car Seat

The UppaBaby Minu stroller comes with its own infant car seat adapter that is compatible with the following infant car seats:

With a Stroller Seat

The stroller seat can be used from 3 months up to 50 lbs or about 5 to 6 years old. It is forward facing and non reversible.

Measurements & Weight Capacity

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Can I bring this as a Carry-on Luggage?

It fits inside airplane compartments however, you have to check the airline’s regulations on carry-on luggages. Some airlines allow it, some don’t. But in case they don’t and you have to gate check it, make sure that you buy the UppaBaby Travelsafe Bag for your protection.

More about the Travelsafe Bag

You might be wondering why I am encouraging you to buy the bag. It’s because the Travelsafe bag acts like an insurance for your UppaBaby cargo. All you have to do is register your gear and your travel bag here -UppaBaby Travelsafe Registration before departure. The manufacturer will cover any damage incurred during the flight. For a bag which is less than $100, that is a small price to pay for the safety of your gears. UppaBaby will cover as long as your gear is still under warranty. However, this does not cover lost items. In that case, you will have to demand the airline for a payment. Find out more about Travelsafe program here.

What about the Warranty?

Uppababy is offering an EXTENDED WARRANTY of 1 year for a total of 3 years on all strollers, infant car seats, and now select accessories (Bassinet, RumbleSeat & Ridealong Board) simply by registering your product online within 3 months of purchase.


The UppaBaby Minu retails at almost $400 in Amazon. Not cheap but not as steep as the others like the Babyzen Yoyo Plus.


If budget is limited, purchasing an Uppababy Minu is a big decision to make. But think of it as buying two strollers, a travel and an everyday stroller, for the price of one. Quality-wise, it is sure to last you long and you can even use it for your next baby.

As for it’s compactness, it is not the most compact of all. But in the spectrum of smallness vs fullness of features, I prefer to be in the middle.

Is it worth the price? Definitely.  Is it underrated? I think it is. I have to admit that I am a fan of Uppababy products, it is seriously, hands-down one of the best strollers in the market.

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