J is for Jeep North Star Stroller Review

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Now you can brag to your friends that you have fully paid a JEEP in cash! LOL

This conversation-starter,  J is for Jeep North Star Stroller could could easily be bought in Amazon for less than $50. Dirt cheap, right? You’ll be surprised that its features are anything but.

The Jeep North Star stroller is loaded with essential features that will not only give other pricier strollers a run for their money but it is also a great stroller with a purpose to help less-privileged babies in need.

But before I share that, let’s tackle the features of this Amazon top-selling stroller first, shall we?

Notable Features of the J is for Jeep North Star Stroller

1. Great for Sunny-Day Strolls

Do you think it is early to introduce your baby to outdoor life? Of course not! You and your little adventurer will surely come to love the design of the J is for Jeep North Star stroller. In true Jeep fashion, the North Star stroller was built to match your rugged and outgoing lifestyle.

Take your baby out for a mid-day stroll. The Jeep North Star stroller has a large, European-style canopy and a tuck-away sun visor that will give your little one ample shade from the sun. If want more coverage, you can buy a canopy extension.

Mesh Back Rest

During warmer days, the padded seat can be rolled-up exposing a nylon mesh back rest so your little sweating machine will feel cooler from behind. The rolled-up seat also makes for a great head rest to give your child a comfortable sight-seeing experience.

2. Lightweight But Strong

Some places are not quite stroller-friendly and you have no choice but to carry your baby and stroller at the same time. Your arms will thank you because this stroller only weighs 11.68 lbs which makes it one of the lightest strollers in the market. Although it is light, it is also strong enough to carry a 40-lb child. In child age that is about 4 years old. This means you can use this for a long time. Longer than some high-end strollers.

However, one downside to this stroller is that you have to wait until your baby is 9 months old or as soon as he or she can sit up independently because the back rest does not recline.


3. Has A Removable Carry-all Parent Organizer

Moms will definitely love this awesome detail! The Jeep North Star stroller comes with its own removable carry-all parent organizer that is designed to securely hang from the back of the stroller. The organizer has a handle and can be re-purposed into a handbag. Put your phone, keys, makeup kit, wallet and other important items inside the bag . And if you want to park your stroller somewhere, you can easily take the baby and the bag with you.

4. Drives Like A Jeep

Adaptable All-Terrain Stroller

Adaptable on both smooth and rough terrains, this stroller sports 5.5-inch dual, EVA wheels on its front and back.

This kind of wheels is the same kind used in bicycle tires making it very low maintenance and has nice traction too.

And because it is dual, the wheels don’t get jammed in cracks easily. Equipped with suspensions, the front wheels is also capable of 360 degree-swivels which makes it glide smoother on smooth surfaces. For bumpy road conditions, you can manually lock them to stabilize the ride.

Steering the Jeep North Star stroller is also easy with its extra-long handles that are wrapped with foam for a non-slide grip. And if you are taller than average people, you will find this stroller comfortable to push. The height of the handle from the floor is about 40-41 inches making it tall-people friendly.

Other Standard Featureswww.strollersforever.com

  • 3-point harness with crotch padding which holds the baby by the waist and the crotch. (That means there is no harness on the shoulders to restrain and support your baby’s upper body.)
  • Calf support which keeps the child’s legs from dangling under the stroller
  • Cup holder for holding bottles
  • Each rear wheel has its own step-on brake
  • Traditional umbrella-fold procedure. The stroller does not stand on its own when folded.

Limitations of the Jeep North Star Stroller

1. It’s Non-Reclinable.

The backrest cannot be reclined so napping might be a little uncomfortable.

2. It Has No Carrying Strap

Portability may be an issue because it has no carrying or shoulder strap. You can just carry it by the frame or handle.

3. It Would Hardly Pass As a Carry-On Luggage

Most of the time, umbrella strollers are not accepted as a carry-on luggage. The most you can do is request that the airline allows it for gate checking.



  • Canopy has decent coverage
  • Back rest can be rolled up to be a head rest
  • Mesh back rest for better air circulation
  • Stroller is lightweight (11.68 lbs only)
  • Maximum weight capacity of 40 lbs.
  • 5.5 -inch dual EVA wheels with front-wheel suspension
  • Comes with its own parent organizer
  • High handles (great for tall people to use)
  • Costs less than $50


    • Seat is non-reclinable
    • No carrying strap
    • Does not fit inside airplane overhead bins
    • Cannot be used from birth
    • Only has 3-point harness
    • Does not stand on its own when folded

Now let’s talk about the main reason why I am rooting for this stroller.

When You Buy It, You Are Also Buying A Less-Privileged Baby His or Her Own Crib.

I don’t know if I am just hormonal today but I actually got a little emotional over the idea of small babies not having a decent place to sleep in.

This stroller gives you the opportunity to help less-privileged babies have a safe place to sleep in through Delta Children. This organization owns Simmons Kids, manufacturer of nursery furniture, kid’s furniture and baby gears.

So, if you purchase any of their products, you automatically donate a portion of the sales to the Safe Sleep Campaign. This campaign helps raise funds to donate cribs to babies belonging to poor families.

Watch the video below to know more about Delta Children. 


Overall, the Jeep North Star will be a good spare stroller for travels and short trips. This stroller will suit you and your tot’s outdoor-loving nature. And for its quality and features, $50 is a very attractive deal. Not to mention that you’ll be able have the privilege of helping a bigger cause.

Check out what other users have to say here.

Do you have other questions about this product? Leave me a message below. 🙂




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