Maclaren Baby Stroller : The Stroller Any Dad Would Love to Push

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Do you think your baby is too young to sport a BMW? Think again. You and your baby will surely make heads turn when you pass by with this collaboration design between Maclaren and BMW, the Maclaren BMW-M stroller.This hot set of wheels not only boasts about its luxurious design but also has excellent features to boot.

Let’s get to know it more.

Very sleek, very hot. This limited edition stroller, Maclaren BMW-M, screams luxury without even trying. The first thing that you’ll notice are the low-key touches of the BMW logo on the buckle of the harness, on the sides of the canopy and on the wheels.


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Anatomy of A Maclaren BMW-M Stroller

The Seat

The BMW interior-inspired seat liner also looks sleek and sporty. It is ergonomically designed to be well-padded all the way to the sides for maximum comfort. The liner is made of water and stain resistant fabric which is great because nobody wants stain on their BMW, right? It is also removable for easy washing.

The Maclaren BMW-M seat has a deep recline for napping but does not go totally flat. It’s very easy to adjust the position. Unzip the zippers at the back to extend the fabric of the seat, pull the adjustment strap and recline the seat all the way back. This can be used as soon as baby’s 6 months old until he or she is 55 lbs. 

The stroller sports a 5-point harness that is adjustable to grow with your child. Very easy to use, just push the BMW logo at the center and with just one click all the straps release.

The Wheels


The 5-inch hard rubber wheels are built for city strolls but navigates just fine on slightly bumpy surfaces, thanks to the BMW-M’s amazing 4-wheel suspensions. It also has a one-step brake feature that you have to step on to lock and lift to release. Overall, maneuverability and suspension is fine.


The Canopy
Large BMW M canopy

The canopy extends long at the front and has nice, low-key BMW logos on each side. It offers decent coverage but  if you want more protection from the heat of the sun check out the Maclaren BMW Umbrella.

As for the height, there is enough head room for tall kids. The height from the seat to the canopy is 25 inches.

There are also nice peek-a-boo windows on the canopy. There’s 1 mesh peek-a-boo window at the back to let air circulate and 2 mesh peek-a-boo windows at the top sides of the canopy.


The underneath storage is not exactly generous in space. It could fit only a small diaper bag. And, it is also difficult to pull out stuff from the back opening when the seat is fully reclined. At the back is a neat little pocket for hiding small valuables like keys, wallets and cellphones. For more space for your other items and for your baby bottles, you may want to purchase a Maclaren Organizer.


The Handle

The 2 vertical, padded handles are comfortable to maneuver. Pushing, pulling and turning can be done with just one hand. The handles are fixed and has a height of 41 inches from the ground. Taller people will have no problems driving it, for sure.

The Reflectors

And just like a BMW, frames at the back were designed with small reflectors so it is easy to spot in the dark.

The Fold

Folding is easy. Make sure the canopy is up, pull up the carry strap to unlock the stroller, step down on the second lever, fold the stroller all the way down and wait for the click to secure the lock.

To unfold, simply find the automatic lock at the side, pull up the stroller and step on the side lever again to lock. This comes with a shoulder strap with a pad for easy and painless carrying.


Watch the video below.


Maclaren offers a Sovereign Lifetime Warranty to its consumers to repair or replace their products if, in their lifetime, the customer finds any defect in the material or workmanship, or if the product fails to function despite proper use and care.

Read more about the details of Maclaren Sovereign Lifetime Warranty here.

My 2 Cents

For the style-conscious, this definitely is a must-have, fashion statement. It is old school but still has the attitude. Every dad (and mom) would like to stroll with this one. Just like any luxury brand, the price is of course high. You can’t expect anything less from a Maclaren-BMW collab. It may not be as multi-functional like some strollers, in fact it is very simple. But how can something so simple be so hard to resist?

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