STROLLER WAR: GB Pockit Plus or Mountain Buggy Nano

The Mountain Buggy Nano has been bugged by some complaints about its rear wheels that some users have reported to come off sometimes, but nonetheless, as of this writing, it still remains as one of the top-selling strollers in Amazon next to the GB Pockit Plus. These 2 lightweight strollers have been a favorite among consumers because they are lightweight, travel-system ready and most importantly, they do not cost a fortune. So, if you are looking at buying any of these two, this comparison should help you decide which stroller will give you more bang for your buck.

Tale of the Tape

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Size and Portability

GB Pockit Plus Fold

So far, no stroller has beaten GB Pockit Plus’ folded size. It folds so tiny that you can put it inside a tote bag. They are equally light at 12-13 lbs so carrying it around won’t be such a burden. Both strollers are small enough to be placed inside airplane overhead compartments so you should be able to bring it inside the airplane. But, check first with the airline before you travel as some airlines have stricter carry-on policies than others.

One very practical feature that the Nano has that the Pockit Plus doesn’t have is the shoulder strap. For me,

that is a miss for the Pockit Plus because you want your hands to be both free to hold your little one. Aside from the Nano, there are also other strollers that have convenient shoulder straps like the Babyzen Yoyo Plus and the UppaBaby Minu.

Mountain Buggy Nano Fold

Weight Capacity

Because it is so small, the compromise with the GB Pockit Plus is its weight limit. GB Pockit Plus can only carry up to 37 lbs while the the Mountain Buggy Nano can hold up to 44 lbs. As for their underneath storage baskets, both the GB Pockit Plus and the Mountain Buggy Nano can store a medium-sized diaper bag. Weight capacity for both baskets is 11 lbs.

Travel System Ready

Nano with Cocoon

Both strollers can be used from birth up to 6 months or up to 19.8 lbs to be exact. You can buy an additional bassinet for the GB Pockit Plus called the GB Cot to Go and for the Mountain Buggy Nano, it’s called a Cocoon.

Infant car seats can also be installed in the Nano and the Pockit Plus. The GB Pockit Plus allows installation of baby car seats, such as

The Mountain Buggy Nano comes with its own universal adapter and is compatible with the following car seats:

The Mountain Buggy Nano obviously wins this round as it is compatible with more infant car seat brands and models than the Pockit Plus.

Maneuverability and Suspension

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Driving both the Nano and the Pockit Plus over smooth surfaces is ok. However, you will feel the difference between the two when you pass by grassy or cobblestone streets. As a general rule, the bigger the wheels, the easier it is to maneuver. In GB Pockit Plus’ case, with its very small wheels (less than 5 inches) and no suspension, do not expect a smooth and comfortable ride over uneven roads when driving it. But, because it is so slim, GB Pockit Plus is ideal when passing through narrow spaces.

The Mountain Buggy Nano, on the other hand, has bigger 5.5-inch EVA wheels, which makes it easier to maneuver even on rough patches. It also has a rear-wheel suspension that absorbs occasional mild shocks. But, as mentioned earlier, some users say it has wobbly rear wheels that come off sometimes. I would have given this win easily to the Nano if not for those reports.

Ease of Fold

Now let’s check the ease of folding and unfolding these strollers. You can fold the GB Pockit Plus in 2 ways, the ultra compact fold and the everyday fold. I tried folding and unfolding it, and though it has an impressive tiny fold, it required both my hands and even my legs to squeeze and fold it. It also took me some practice before I got the hang of it.

Watch the demo below.

Unfolding the GB Pockit Plus is a little complicated compared with the Nano. As for the fold, the Nano requires less learning curve, it’s almost like a Babyzen Yoyo Plus fold but easier.

Watch the demo below.



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Pockit Plus recline

Your baby will feel comfortable sitting and even sleeping in both strollers. Both have roomy seats with a 145-degree recline. I find the GB Pockit Plus’ seat to be more soft and cushiony than the Mountain Buggy Nano. However, the Nano’s seat material seems to be easier to wipe off, clean and maintain.

As for the canopies, although the GB Pockit Plus has improved its canopy from a flat, useless one (LOL) to a rounded, more adequate one, the Mountain Buggy Nano provides more shade from the scorching heat of the sun. It has 2 panels and a pop-out sunvisor that extends toward the front. But, the Pockit Plus’ canopy is made out of UPF 50 fabric that helps protect your child from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

The Mountain Buggy Nano is also more suitable for taller kids as it has a higher canopy, 27 inches from the seat. Another advantage of the Mountain Buggy Nano is its built-in, adjustable leg rest. The GB Pockit Plus does not have one.


Both strollers have an adjustable 5-point harness. The GB Pockit Plus has 3 connectors, while the Mountain Buggy Nano has 5 connectors, meaning you have to buckle all 5 straps, one by one, to the center button.

The brakes of both strollers are also a standard one-step brake and are intuitive to use.



The GB Pockit Plus has 2 separate short handles while the Mountain Buggy Nano has one horizontal handlebar. Both are fixed and height is at the 38-39-inch level.


As for the strollers’ price, they cost the same at about $200 – $230 on Amazon. Price of GB Pockit Plus and Mountain Buggy Nano. But, if you decide to get the GB Cot to Go, it will cost you about $200 more while the Mountain Buggy Cocoon will cost you less than $100. You could even get it lower, less than $280 ,if you buy the Mountain Buggy Nano with the Cocoon at as a set. What a steal!


The GB Pockit Plus is actually quite impressive when folded, but in terms of overall performance and versatility, I would say the Mountain Buggy Nano will give you more bang for your buck. With a price of less than $280 including the bassinet and the universal infant car seat adapter. It’s a pretty good deal.

Check out what other customers have to say about the GB Pockit Plus and the Mountain Buggy Nano.

If you have other questions about these strollers, leave me a message below. 🙂






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